Rangely's Police Force

Each officer receives advanced trainings in order to serve the community at the highest level:

  • Level I traffic accident investigation
  • Basic and advance drug investigation techniques
  • Criminal interdiction
  • Advanced DUI detection
  • Advanced crime scene processing
  • Advanced interview training
  • and more

Each Police Officer and Communication Specialist has the opportunity to advance in both title and responsibility. You may see an employee with no stripes on their uniform or up to three stripes. With exception of the Patrol Lieutenant and Chief of Police, the stripes on the arm represent the level of training the employee has attained within the department 'Step Program.' It also represents the Officer's title and status within the agency.

An employee may also display a function badge on their shirt or uniform. Normally worn above their nameplate, the function badge, unlike the shirt stripes, depicts the level of skilled training the employee has obtained. The employee must continue to show proficiency in these skills through bi-annual written proficiency tests and practical evaluation exercises.

The Rangely Police Department in cooperation with the 9th Judicial District law enforcement agencies participate with a team formed from within our district, to investigate Officer-Involved incidents.This team can form an impartial investigation without diminishing any one departments resources. The MOU is below for your review.