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Hunting / Fishing / Wildlife

Horses in a Field

The Rangely Community lives with wildlife surrounding them. Please beware that in colder months the deer tend to wander into town. They are wild so please do not attempt to feed them. It is illegal in Colorado to intentionally place or distribute feed, salt blocks, or other attractants for big-game animals. For more information about living with wild life visit Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

A wetlands area at the tailwater of the lake provides cover and food for a variety of wildlife making this a great place for viewing. As you're driving you can see wild horses, deer, elk, antelope, migratory birds, coyotes, eagles, hawks, and prairie dogs.

For avid hunters and fishers you will find some of the best hunting and fishing around. Beware that we do have others that like to sightsee and view the wildlife. In turn sightseers need to beware of hunters during hunting season; take precaution where you are and make yourself visible to hunters.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Rules and Regulations.