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Town & County Initiatives

Town of Rangely Livability, Prospectus and Community Assessment 

The Town of Rangely is actively working towards expanding and diversifying their economy.  Part of this effort includes a Prospectus to illustrate the readiness of the Rangely community to move forward. Rangely is a great place to work and of course play!  A true hidden gem in the Great West Region of Colorado.

If you don't see an incentive or initiative that meets your needs just ask.  Give Jeannie Caldwell, our Marketing/Economic Coordinator, a call at (970)675-8476 or e-mail her


Town of Rangely Prospectus

Rangely Prospectus

Community Assessment

The Town of Rangely, as well as Rio Blanco County, worked with Better Cities to create an Economic Development Plan. The RDA, which meets monthly, utilizes this assessment to plan and develop the Rangely project.  Click on the link below to view a copy of the Community Assessment.

Community Assessment


 RDA Facade Renovation/Site Improvement Grant Program

The Rangely Development Agency (RDA) offers a Facade Renovation/Site Improvement Grant to businesses located within the Town of Rangely.  The grant offers financial assistance to owners or tenants with a commercial business located within the Urban Renewal Area. 

The objective of the program is to make Downtown Rangely a more attractive place and to encourage locals and visitors to shop in Rangely.  With the participation and cooperation of our local businesses these objectives can be realized.  The economic strength of our business district benefits the community as a whole.

Grant Application Form, Guidelines & Agreements  

Facade Grants