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Rangely's Visitor Guide

Rangely's Visitor's Guide

NW Colorado Visitor's Guide


How to Get to Rangely

Rangely is located on the western side of the State of Colorado.  We are approximately 280 miles from the City of Denver, and 225 miles from Salt Lake City, both of which are large cities with international airports.  Northwest of Rangely, Highway 64 connects with Highway 40, which is a major east-west artery.

Road access to Rangely is provided from the south (Grand Junction) by Highway 139, and from the east and west by Highway 64.

How to Get to Rangely
U.S. 40

Turn south at Dinosaur, Colorado - 18 miles to Rangely.

I-70 from the East

Turn north on Highway 13 at Rifle, then west on Highway 64 near Meeker.  90 total miles to Rangely.

I-70 from the West

Turn north on Highway 139 at Loma.  70 miles to Rangely.

Distance to:
  • Dinosaur National Monument Headquarters - 18 miles
  • Utah Border - 18 miles
  • Vernal, Utah - 50 miles
  • Colorado National Monument - 80 miles
  • Grand Junction, Colorado - 90 miles


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Day Trips Around Rangely

Day Trips Around Rangely
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Enjoy the photos of Rangely's Outdoor Paradise!


Bike on BLM
Fireworks at Kenney
Rock Crawling

Golf Course

Moonrise with Lighter Sky
Boating at Kenney
Rock Art