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Cedar Ridges Golf Course


Cedar Ridges Golf Course

Open:  9am- 7pm

Phone:  (970) 675-8403

Address:  502 County Road 108, Rangely, Colorado  81648

Website: Cedar Ridges Golf Course

Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District is proud to offer a 9-hole par 36 public course. Within the course you will experience mounds marking safe landing areas, multiple tee boxes, large rolling greens, hills, water, sand traps, trees, as well as, level areas.

The course is located on the very top of the beautiful mesas on the outskirts of town.  Cedar Ridges is a unique piece of Rangely that reaches 3433 yards providing a remarkable encounter that will keep you coming back for more.

The golf course was designed by Frank Hummel, who has designed and constructed well over 200 courses in the United States. The course today is well established with mature turf and trees. With a minimum of three tee boxes or more on each hole, and depending on the pin placement, the course is challenging enough for any experienced golfer while enjoyable for the novice as well.

You will not want to miss this beautifully maintained course, which is well hidden on the top of the mesas in Rangely.

Many tournaments are offered throughout the season. 



Fees:  9 holes

Adult:  $12

Junior:  $10

Golf Cart:  $8/ rider

Pull Carts:  $3

Driving Range Bucket:  $3 small bucket

Fees:  18 holes

Adult:   $24

Junior:  $20

Golf Carts:  $16/ rider

Driving Range Bucket:  $5 large bucket

Season Pass

Junior (17 & younger):  $100

Single Adult (18-61):  $300

Senior (62+):  $150

Adult & Spouse:  $425

Family:  $525

20 Punch Pass

1 punch/ 9 holes $180

20 Punch Cart Pass (1 punch/ 9 holes) $120

Playing the Gold-Championship Tees

Playing the Gold-Championship's what you'll face on each hole:

  1. A slightly uphill 528-yard par 5 hole with out of bounds on the right, a small water hazard and trees on the left. There are two sets of safe landing area mounds. There are also two different sand traps with the first located on the right side of the second set of landing area mounds and the other off the right rolling slope green.
  2. 408-yard par 4 hole with the fairway sloping to the left. You have some sage brush rough and an out of bounds to the right and trees located on the left.
  3. 410-yard par 4 hole with out of bounds on the right and sage brush rough to the left. There are two sand traps with the first one the left by the safe landing area mounds and the second to the left and in front of the green.
  4. 208-yard par 3 hole with the tee box at the top of a hill and the green located at the bottom of the hill. The green is surrounded by sagebrush and out bounds is to the right. The green is a two tiered slope which can make pin placement play tough at all times. This is the #1 handicap hole of the course.
  5. 531-yard par 5 hole with two deep swells in front of the tee boxes with the second swell just short of the first set of safe landing area mounds. You have out of bounds to the right and trees to the left. There is a sand trap on the right side of the green.
  6. 345-yard par 4 hole with out of bounds on the right, a sand trap in the landing area mound on the right and a water hazard on the left. You don't want to be long on this hole as the backside of the green is a steep hill going out of bounds.
  7. 168-yard par 3 hole. You do not want to be short left as there is a water hazard and if you miss to the right you have a hill that will run to out of bounds.
  8. 395-yard par 4 hole with trees on the right, a water hazard just to the left of the tee box, and some sage brush and a sand trap in the landing area mound.
  9. 436-yard par 4 hole with trees and a sand trap in the landing area mound on the right, and a water hazard comes into play on the left. Also to the left short of the green is an out of bounds drainage hole.