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Water Treatment Plant


Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Water Treatment plant with people in it

Our water treatment plant has the capacity for four million gallons a day with a class "A" conventional surface water treatment facility consisting of settling, chemical addition, coagulation, flocculation, filtration, taste and odor control, chlorination, and fluoridation.

Five large pumps and motors, two compressors, instruments, radio control system, programmable controller, auto dialer, two polymer feed units, two alum feed units, streaming current analyzer, three flocculation basins with mixers, two clarifiers with sludge drive units, three filters with associated backwash controls and pumps, chlorine feed system, fluoride feed system, electrical system.

All systems and data storage are controlled by a state of the art SCADA control system computer. We have an-house laboratory for daily and monthly water quality testing.

We perform calibration and preventative maintenance of all equipment including daily, monthly and annual record keeping and reporting to meet state and federal requirements.

Daily and monthly recording and monitoring for National Weather Service. Housekeeping and vehicle cleaning.

Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

2024 Quality Report - Calendar Year 2023
2023 Quality Report - Calendar Year 2022
2022 Quality Report - Calendar Year 2021
2021 Quality Report - Calendar Year 2020
2020 Quality Report - Calendar Year 2019