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Survey Letter

Recently, the State of Colorado has passed regulations that mandate the implementation of a Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP) on potable water systems. In order to comply, the Town of Rangely will have to inspect all commercial facilities for the presence of any cross-connections or backflow issues.

This letter was sent to inform you that you will soon be contacted by a Town of Rangely CCCP technician to schedule a survey of your facility's water system. The survey shouldn't take long and there are no fees for it.

If there are no cross-connections or backflow issues found, no action is required.

If a cross-connection or backflow issue IS found within your facility, the technician will let you know as soon as possible, via letter, what device or method is required to control the situation. They will inform you of the deadline by which the device needs to be installed. The device will need to be tested by a certified backflow protection assembly tester upon installation and annually thereafter.

If there is already a device or devices installed that haven't been tested in the last year, the device(s) will need to be tested by a certified tester by a date provided by the Town and annually thereafter.

If you don't meet the deadline(s) provided, you may be subject to fines and discontinuance of water service. The cost of the device, installation, and testing fees fall on the property owner.