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Comprehensive Master Plan

Rangely's infrastructure system, including roads, water, sewer, schools, and hospitals, has the capacity to support nearly double the present population.

The Town's fiscal management is stable, prudent, and progressive. Government agencies and local residents are looking for ways to diversify the economy and promote business.

The Town of Rangely commissioned a Comprehensive Plan to be completed in 2004. Typically these plans are rejuvenated every 10 years. The current plan advertises on its cover covering the years of 2004 - 2024. The plan was developed by town staff, an appointed Comprehensive Planning Committee, Planning Commission and the Town Council. The current plan covers many topics including the following:
Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Hydrology, Ecology, Archeology, History, Demographics, Public Facilities and Institutions, Public Safety and Welfare, Housing, Commerce and Business, Industry, Public Lands, Annexation, Recreation, Transportation, Utilities, Themes and Strategies, as well as an Executive Summary, Exhibits, Maps and Policy discussions.

The purpose of the plan is outlined in the Executive Summary and is designed to articulate a vision of how Rangely can manage and promote future changes in the community that will sustain existing features of value and enhance the overall quality of the community for its citizens.

Comprehensive Plan 2004-2024