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Utility FAQ

What Services does the Town of Rangely Provide?

The Town provides customers with water, gas and sewer services. Electricity is provided by Moon Lake Electric (970) 675-2291 and Trash Service is provided by Rangely Trash Service (970) 675-2878.

When are Utility Bills sent out, what period do they cover, when are they due, and how can I pay?

Utility Bills are processed the first week of each month.

Meters are normally read on or about the 20th of each month. Payments are due on the last day of the month following the billing.

The Town of Rangely offers an electronic payment program and an equal pay program. The forms may also be obtained at Town Hall.

Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or online. Credit or debit card payments may be made over the phone.

What are my options if I cannot pay my bill by the due date? When am I late?

You have until the end of the month to pay your current month's utility billing and any accounts receivable billings for water meters, capitol investment fees, or miscellaneous services. A penalty will be assessed after this date and you will risk having your water & gas service shut off.

Please make sure payments reach us by the due date of your current bill. If you receive a shut off notice, DO NOT wait until the shut-off date to request a payment arrangement.

Payment arrangement requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Town Manager.

Who do I contact to request or discontinue water, gas, or sewer services?

Contact the Utility Billing Department at the Town Hall to request services or discontinue them.

Forms are available over the counter at Town Hall or online.

All forms must be returned in person with proof of ID or valid identity as an agent for corporate requests.

These forms MUST be filled out prior the date that service is requested or discontinued.

Why is my bill so high? How can I reduce my water usage?

Small leaks or running toilets can add to your water usage.

Consider some of the following things if your water usage is high.

  • Check for leaky faucets or running toilets.
  • Do you have guests? More people = more showers, more laundry = more usage.
  • Have you done any outside watering?
  • Do you have a leak in your sprinkler system?

If you do not see any reason for high usage contact the Utility Billing Clerk and we will be happy to come out and re-read your meter and offer suggestions for finding the source of high water use.

Saving water is easy. Consider the following:

  • Limiting showers to one per person per day,
  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth,
  • Keep a bottle of water in the fridge instead of letting the faucet run while the water gets cool

If you can afford to install new aerators on your faucets you may experience more efficient flow, and replace existing sprinkler heads with more efficient models. When considering new purchases of appliances look at their energy efficiency. New washing machines use almost HALF of the water as compared with the older inefficient machines. Visit for other water saving tips.