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Rangely Dispatch Personnel

Dispatcher Zack Bean

Zack Bean

Dispatcher Zach Bean moved to Rangely in 2005 from the state of Ohio.  He joined the Rangely Dispatch in 2019. He loves Rangely and has found the residents of Rangely wonderful to be around. 

Dispatcher Bean enjoys spending his free time playing games with friends and family, whether it be board games, video games, tabletop RPGs, or even just hanging out and chatting.  Zach says, “being able to help this wonderful community, which has always been very supportive and encouraging of me as an individual, has brought me great joy.”

He attended from Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely where he received an Associate of Arts Degree. Since joining the Rangely Dispatch he has received numerous trainings to assist him with providing the best service to the Town of Rangely in the Dispatch Center; including call taking techniques, Police Legal Science trainings, Emergency Medical Dispatch training, FEMA trainings, NASFM pipeline incident trainings, and more.

Dispatcher Kimber Millard


Dispatcher Kimber Millard is employed as a 911 Dispatcher for the Rangely Police Department.  She started her career with the Town of Rangely in 2020.   She is trained as an emergency services dispatcher and is certified by the state of Colorado as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.  Dispatcher Millard loves her job and the service which the job provides to the community.

She is a Rangely native and graduated from Rangely High School in 2014.  She also attended college classes at Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC).  She is a Certified Nurse Assistant and has completed the training for EMT-basic.  She is married to her best friend Ketchum Millard. Dispatcher Millard & Ketchum have two beautiful children together.

Her work has included various hospitals on the western slope.  While she loved working for these out-of-town facilities, her goal was to remain in Rangely, working in Emergency Services or patient care, while being able to live in her hometown with her husband and two children.  Becoming an Emergency Services Dispatcher has allowed her to meet these goals while serving and helping her hometown community as an Emergency Services Provider.

Dispatcher Millard’s father, Roy Kinney, is a 32-year veteran of Law Enforcement (medically retired) and a 22-year veteran of the County Coroner’s Office (medically retired).  Dispatcher Millard’s mother, Shanna Kinney, is a 37-year veteran of emergency medical care, she is a Critical Care, Flight Certified, Paramedic and serves the community of Rangely as the Ambulance Director.

She loves being a mother and wife and both have helped her to mature and taught her the value of being able to handle high stress situations.  She enjoys fitness workouts to destress and loves having pets and horses.  She is a survivor of violent crime and as such she knows the anguish of those that call for help, which makes her an asset to the agency.   

Dispatcher Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith

Dispatcher Smith was born and raised in a small town near the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. She graduated in the spring of 2021 from the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely.

While putting herself through college she worked approximately five years in a Gates Corporation factory. She graduated from Columbia Community College with an associate degree in Environmental Studies. She continued to work for the factory after graduation as a liaison between the factory and the truck drivers.  

During her attendance at The NPS Academy she discovered she wanted to be a dispatcher. She sees herself continuing her career as a dispatcher here in Rangely. In the future she hopes to transition to a national park where she can take her dispatch career from the Rangely Police Department and integrate her academic studies.

Dispatcher Tracy Cook
Tracy Cook

Dispatcher Tracy Cook is employed as a 911 Dispatcher and Public Information Officer for the Rangely Police Department.  She began her career with the Town of Rangely in August 2020, after graduating from the National Park Service Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Academy at Colorado Northwestern Community College.

At the Rangely Police Department Dispatcher Cook is trained as an Emergency Services Dispatcher and is certified by the state of Colorado as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. She also serves as the Department’s Public Information Officer.  She is certified by FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association in Media and Public Relations and by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Public Information and Social Media in Emergency Management.

She grew up on her family’s farm in Rhode Island where she shared her love for the outdoors and recreational activities with her six siblings. Dispatcher Cook states one of her favorite childhood memories is hunting with her brothers and the positive interactions they had with the environmental police. This led her to continue her education after high school and obtain a bachelor’s degree of science in conservation law enforcement from Unity College in May of 2020, opening her eyes to the first responder and emergency services world.

Since graduating college and joining the work force, Dispatcher Cook has continued to work in emergency services and continued her training in both Rhode Island and Colorado. Taking the position of Public Information Officer/ Dispatcher at the Rangely Police Department, Dispatcher Cook hopes to continue to grow the relationship between the Police Department and the community they serve in her new role using communication tools and community outreach opportunities.

Looking to the future, Dispatcher Cook hopes to achieve a master’s degree in public administration or a related field. She hopes to be more involved in the Rangely community and be a resource for citizens to turn to for guidance in a time of need.



Rangely Dispatch and Communications Center

We maintain a modern, 24 hour 911 Dispatch and Communications center.

The following emergency services are provided:
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance
  • Public announcements by a staff of five civilian employees.
When Calling 911, be prepared to provide Dispatch with the following:
  • Name
  • Address or Location
  • Your Contact Telephone Number
  • Type of Emergency
  • Any related information e.g. Injuries, Weapons, Is the suspect still on scene...
  • Nearest intersection or any other information that will assist officers


The Rangely Police Department and the Rio Blanco County Sherriff's Office will be implementing a new Emergency Notification System through Swift Reach. To Sign up for the Alerts in Rangely and Rio Blanco County please register through the link below. If you have any questions please call the RPD at (970) 675-8466. Thank you.