Town Council

The Town of Rangely is the only incorporated community in the western part of Rio Blanco County and is located 19 miles southeast from the entrance to Dinosaur National Monument.

The Town of Rangely utilizes the Mayor-Council form of government and is a code community. In addition to the Town Administration, the town is comprised of the Gas Department, Water and Sewer Department, Police Department, Public Works and Building and Grounds.

The Town functions under the executive leadership of the Town Council with day-to-day direction provided by the Town Manager.

The Town of Rangely is a Statutory Municipality meaning it is governed by...

Members of the Board of Trustees serve on these committees: (list committees, who is on committees, and how often they meet)

Trustees also participate as representatives of these organizations (AGNC, RDA/RDC, etc- what the groups are, purpose, what the trustees\' responsibilities are)

In addition Council members take on additional duties to the Town such as: