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Before You Dig

Whether you are building a home, installing a sprinkler system, or just planting a tree, the town of Rangely wants you to be safe. No matter the size of the project, before you dig, grade, or excavate the law requires you to call for all underground utilities to be located, call 8-1-1 to request a Locate/Color Code for Marking Underground Utilities:

After you have called to request a locate, you will begin to see colored flags or paint markings in the area of your locate request. A Uniform Color Code for Marking Underground Utilities has been established that is used nationwide. Each utility has its own color which is used when marking underground facilities. The chart below shows each color along with its corresponding utility. It is important to hand dig within 18 inches of either side of these marks when completing your work.

By participating in the program and getting underground facilities located, you will: comply with state law, avoid injuries, prevent costly damages and interruptions of facility services, save time and money, avoid hazards, and eliminate construction delays.

In the event that any person HITS OR PUNCTURES a gas line

  1. Stop all equipment and evacuate the area immediately!
  2. Contact the Town of Rangely at once.
  3. Call 9-1-1 if gas is blowing!

Gas Shop:
Address: 514 Prospect Ave, Rangely, CO 81648
Phone: (970) 675-8258

  1. Report even minor damage such as dents,scrapes,or chips.
  2. Do not cover the line!