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Municipal Codes

Municipal Code Disclaimer:

The Town attempts to regularly update the Municipal Code sections that are posted on the website. HOWEVER, there are times that some period of time may elapse before the updates are completed, so at any given time, the web site may not show the latest Code amendments. For this reason the Town of Rangely makes no guarantee that we have posted all updates to the Municipal Code. We realize that access to accurate information is often vital to a project or situation and for that reason we would ask that before you proceed, you confirm with the Town Clerk that the particular Municipal Code reference that you are relying on has been posted with all updates.

Title 1 - General Provisions
Title 2 - Administration and Personnel
Title 3 - Municipal Court
Title 4 - Public Nuisances
Title 5 - Business Taxes, License, and Regulations
Title 6 - Animals
Title 7 - Reserved


Title 8- Health and Safety
Title 9 - Public Peace, Morals, and Welfare
Title 10 - Vehicles and Traffic
Title 11 - Reserved


Title 12 - Streets and Public Places
Title 13 - Utilities
Title 14 - Reserved


Title 15 - Buildings, Construction and Housing

15.04 Uniform Codes

15.42 Floodplain Management & Damage Prevention

15.50 Historical Structure Preservation

Title 16 - Reserved


Title 17 - Mobile Homes - Repealed


Title 18 -Subdivisions - Repealed


Title 19- Zoning - Repealed