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Board of Trustees - 2.08

2.08.010 Qualifications--Term—Composition

The corporate authority of the Town is by State law vested in a board of trustees consisting of the mayor and six trustees who shall be registered electors residing within the limits of the Town for a period of at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the biennial town election except as otherwise provided by State statutes. Members of the board of trustees are elected for overlapping terms of four years, three members at each biennial Town election, except as provided in Section 2.08.040 Terms after filling of vacancy herein. Each trustee shall receive one hundred dollars (0) per month.

2.08.020 Legislative power—Appointments

The board shall constitute the legislative body of the Town and shall have the power and authority, except as otherwise provided by State statutes, to exercise all power conferred upon or possessed by the Town, and shall have the power and authority to adopt such laws, ordinances and resolutions as it deems proper in the exercise thereof. The board shall appoint a town clerk, treasurer, town attorney, municipal judge, and such other officers as it deems necessary for the good government of the corporation and may remove such officers pursuant to State statutes.

2.08.030 Vacancy—Filling--Compensation

Should a vacancy occur on the board of trustees for any reason, including a trustee becoming no longer a resident of the Town, the board pursuant to State statutes, by a majority vote of all the members thereof, may select and appoint from among the duly registered electors of the Town a suitable person or shall hold a special election to fill the vacancy until the next biennial Town election. Each trustee shall receive one hundred dollars (0.00) per month.

2.08.040 Terms after filling of vacancy

At the biennial election following the filling of a vacancy by appointment or special election, the three candidates for the board of trustees receiving the largest number of votes shall fill the four-year terms, and candidates receiving the next largest number of votes shall fill any two-year terms occurring as a result of vacancies on the board.

2.08.050 Quorum

No action shall be taken unless a quorum is present. A majority of the board, including the mayor, shall constitute a quorum. A lesser number may adjourn from time to time and compel the attendance of absent members. Any member of the board, at any regular or special meeting, may, in writing, demand the attendance of the absent members, which demand shall be entered on the record forthwith by the Town clerk, who shall thereupon notify the absent members of the time and place of the meeting.

2.08.060 Ordinances—Procedure

No ordinance shall be finally passed on the date it is introduced, except for ordinances necessary to the preservation of the public health or safety. In all other cases an ordinance shall be introduced and read by title at a regular or special meeting of the board and may be set for a public hearing at a subsequent meeting. A notice of the public hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town. At said meeting the ordinance shall again be read by title only and a public hearing held following which the ordinance shall be voted upon by the board. If the ordinance receives the required vote on its second reading, the same shall be duly adopted.

2.08.070 Vote requirements

All ordinances and all resolutions or orders for the appropriation of money shall require for passage or adoption the concurrence of a majority of all members elected to the board. In all other matters a majority of the votes cast is sufficient for passage except for the preservation of the public health or safety, and then only by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the board.

2.08.080 Ordinances--Publication--Effective dates

All ordinances shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose, and authenticated by the signatures of the mayor and Town clerk. All ordinances amending this Code shall be incorporated in said Code. All ordinances of a general or permanent nature and those imposing any fine, penalty, or forfeiture shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town. Except for ordinances calling for special elections or necessary to the immediate preservation of the public health or safety and containing the reasons making the same necessary in a separate section, such ordinances shall not take effect and be in force before thirty (30) days after publication.

2.08.090 Intergovernmental contracts

The board shall have the authority on behalf of the Town to enter into contractual arrangements with one or more State agencies, counties, municipalities, or districts for the performance of any governmental service, activity or undertaking which could be performed by any of said governmental entities. Any such contract shall set forth fully the purpose, powers, rights, obligations, and the responsibilities, financial and otherwise, of the contracting parties. Such a contract shall be approved by the board by resolution.

2.08.100 Oath

All officers elected by the voters of the Town or appointed by the board of trustees in any capacity shall take an oath or affirmation administered by the municipal judge, Town clerk, or other person who is designated by the board of trustees or who is authorized by law to administer oaths or affirmations to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State.