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Town Clerk - 2.16

2.16.010 Appointment—Vacancy

The Board of Trustees, following each biennial election and within thirty (30) days of the taking of an oath or affirmation by each member of board elected at said biennial election, shall appoint some qualified person who shall have the responsibility for performance of the duties of Town clerk. The board of trustees may also appoint a person as deputy Town clerk who shall perform the duties of the Town clerk during his absence or disability. In case a vacancy should occur in the office of the Town clerk or Town Clerk Pro Tem, the board shall appoint a person to fill the unexpired term. Before entering upon the duties of the office, the Town clerk and the deputy Town clerk shall take an oath of office.

2.16.020 Duties

The Town Clerk shall be responsible for the performance of the following duties:

  1. He or she shall be the clerk of the board and shall attend all meeting of the board and shall make a true and accurate record of all the proceedings, rules, and ordinances made and passed by the board.
  2. He or she shall be the custodian of all the Town’s records, including the agendas, minutes, and actions of other duly constituted and appointed boards and commissions of the Town and any other official Town records for which retention and disposition schedules have been established by the State. Such records shall be open to inspection by any person at all reasonable times and under reasonable regulations established by the Town as provided by State law.
  3. He or she shall certify by his signature all ordinances and resolutions enacted or passed by the board and all resolutions passed by other duly constituted and appointed boards and commissions of the Town.
  4. He or she shall provide and maintain in his or her office a supply of forms for all petitions required to be filed for any purpose authorized by State law or as may be provided by the board.
  5. He or she shall countersign all checks drawn on the Town treasury. Following the preparation by the Town treasurer of an annual account, the Town Clerk shall immediately cause to be published in a local newspaper said account.
  6. He or she shall perform such other duties as prescribed for him or her by the board or by law involving elections, annexations, licensing, legal actions, and other matters.