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Historical Structure Preservation - 15.50

15.50.010 Purpose

The purpose of this Chapter is to provide for the preservation of the unique historic and cultural heritage of the Town as embodied in designated historic structures and landmarks, for an increase in local economic activity and financial benefits as a result of the attraction of visitors and tourists to the Town and for greater appreciation of local history by means of educating students and the public at large about the history of the Rangely area.

15.50.020 Board designated

The board of the Rangely Museum Society, a non-profit corporation, organized under State law, shall be responsible for research and surveys of historic structures and landmarks. It shall, among other duties, adopt criteria for proposals to preserve historic structures and landmarks, negotiate, execute, and administer agreements for preservation of historic structures and landmarks, develop and assist in public education programs, actively pursue grants and financial assistance, cause designated structures and landmarks to be preserved and restored, and supervise the operation and maintenance of the outdoor museum.

15.50.030 Designation of historic structures

Based on criteria established by the Rangely Museum Society, its board may recommend to the Town council the designation of historic structures and landmarks. Any citizen or the board may nominate a structure or landmark for such designation. Emphasis shall be placed on two eras in the history of the Rangely area: pioneer and ranching, and mining and energy development.

15.50.040 Structures in place

For those structures and landmarks that are located within the Town limits and that can be preserved and/or restored in place, a recommendation for designation as an historic structure or landmark shall not be made until an agreement has been reached between the Rangely Museum Society and the owner governing, among other things, restrictions on use, alterations, maintenance, additions, preservation, restoration, removal, moving, and/or demolition.

15.50.050 Outdoor museum

For those structures and landmarks that are located either within or without Town limits and that cannot for good and sufficient reason be preserved and/or restored in place, there shall be an outdoor museum to and within which such historic structures and landmarks following their designation as such shall be moved, restored, and maintained. Such outdoor museum shall be named the Rangely Outdoor Museum. A master plan of said museum shall be prepared by the board of the Rangely Museum Society and presented to the Town council for approval.

15.50.060 Designation by resolution

The Town council shall consider any recommendation of the board of the Rangely Museum Society to designate such historic structures or landmarks and may act by resolution to make such designation following a public hearing. Such resolution shall include a description of the characteristics of the structure or landmark and a statement of reasons why it should be preserved.