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Treasurer - 2.20

2.20.010 Appointment—Vacancy

2.20.010 Appointment—Vacancy The Board of Trustees, following each biennial election and within thirty (30) days of the taking of an oath or affirmation by each member of the board elected at said biennial election, shall appoint some qualified person who shall have the responsibility for performance of the duties of Town Treasurer. In case a vacancy should occur in the office of Town treasurer, the board shall appoint a person to fill the unexpired term. The board may, in its discretion, appoint the Town clerk as treasurer. Before entering upon the duties of the office, the treasurer shall take an oath of office. Any requirement for a surety bond is waived.

2.20.020 Duties generally

The Town Treasurer shall be responsible for the performance of the following duties:

  1. The Town treasurer shall receive all moneys belonging to the Town and give receipts therefore and shall keep his books and accounts in such a manner as prescribed by the Town manager and as may be approved by the board. Such books and accounts shall always be subject to inspection by any member of the board.
  2. The Town Treasurer shall keep a separate account for each fund or appropriation and the debits and credits belonging thereto and shall report to the board at the end of each month a full and detailed account for that month of all receipts and expenditures and showing the state of the treasury at the date of such account and the balance of money in the treasury. He shall also accompany the statement of accounts with a statement of all moneys received in the treasury and of expenditures against the treasury and on what accounts during the preceding month.
  3. The Town Treasurer shall prepare checks for signature by the Town clerk and mayor, or in the case of the absence or disability of either, by the deputy Town clerk and mayor pro tem respectively and shall keep a record of all such checks which shall show the date, amount, number, the fund from which paid, the name to whom the check is written, and any vouchers, invoices or other documents supporting the checks.
  4. Annually, by March 1st, the Town Treasurer shall make out and file with the Town clerk a full and detailed account of all receipts and expenditures of the Town and of all his transactions during the preceding fiscal year and shall show in such account the state of the treasury at the close of the fiscal year.
2.20.030 Other duties

The Town treasurer shall perform all other duties, keep all records, and make all reports that are required by other provisions of this code or the laws of the State.