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Permits and Housing of Guard Dogs - 6.10

6.10 Permits and Housing of Guard Dogs

It is conducive to the promotion of the health and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Town to require permits for guard dogs used to protect property, and to establish regulations for the proper and safe use of guard dogs used for protecting property.

  1. "Anti-escape device" is any housing, fencing, or device which the guard dog cannot go over, under, through, or around.
  2. "Guard dog" is any dog that is trained as a guard dog to protect property.
  3. "Handler" is a person who is responsible for and capable of controlling the operations of a guard dog.
  4. "Housing" is any location where the guard dog is kept when not utilized for protection purposes.
6.10.020 Permits
  1. The owner of each property where guard dogs are to be used must obtain from the Town a guard dog permit for each property. Procedures for permit application, for inspection of guard dog facilities, and for issuance of dog identification tags will be established by the code enforcement officer.
  2. Permits for both permanent and temporary locations may be transferred to a new location operated by the same person or business during the license year. However, such transfers shall not be effective until the code enforcement officer has inspected and approved required facilities at the new location and the information required in Section 6.10.030 Permit applications of this Chapter for permit applications has been recorded.
6.10.030 Permit applications

Permit applications shall include the following information:

  1. The name of the owner of the premises.
  2. The name of the person responsible as the handler of the guard dog(s);
  3. Address and telephone number of the property where guard dogs are to be used;
6.10.040 Protection of the public

Additional measures judged necessary by the code enforcement officer shall be taken to protect the public from accidental contact with any guard dog.

6.10.050 Fencing

Where guard dogs are used outside buildings, at least a six 6) foot chain link fence or other fence of equal security, wall, or adequate wood fence to which anti-escape devices have been added must enclose the area. The adequacy of the fencing shall be determined by the code enforcement officer prior to keeping any guard dog within the confines of the fence.

6.10.060 Control of noise

In order to control noise a sight barrier which breaks the dog’s line of sight may be required by the code enforcement officer.

6.10.070 Protective Measures—Buildings

In buildings where guard dogs are used, exterior glass must be adequate to prevent the dogs from jumping through it or additional protective measures must to be taken by the owner.

6.10.080 Signs

The building and yard in which a guard dog is used must be posted with signs reading “Danger-Guard Dog”. Such signs shall be printed with letters not less than three (3) inches in height or shall be approved by the code enforcement officer. Guard dogs signs shall not be more than fifty (50) feet apart, and shall be at all property corners and at every entrance into the area.

6.10.090 Transportation of guard dogs

For guard dogs either transported or utilized in vehicles, measures prescribed by the code enforcement officer must be followed to protect the public from accidental contact with a guard dog.

6.10.100 Handler required--Temporary location

A handler is required to be physically present while guard dogs are being utilized at temporary sites, which do not comply with this chapter, or at those locations that do not comply with the provisions of this chapter.

6.10.110 Inspection

The holder of a guard dog permit issued pursuant to Title 6 Animals is deemed to consent and agree to the entry upon the premises described in the license or permit by the code enforcement officer for the purpose of conducting such inspections as are required by said Title or other applicable law.

6.10.120 Violation

Any dog described as a guard dog as defined in this Chapter found in violation of this title, may be immediately seized and impounded by the code enforcement officer. The owner of the permitted premises and/or the handler of the guard dog(s) may, in addition, be cited into the municipal court for violation of this Chapter.

6.10.130 Issuance of permit

The police chief, upon written recommendation of the code enforcement officer, or the Town manager, may issue a permit for a guard dog pursuant to this Chapter.