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Public Nuisances relating to Health - 4.08

4.08.010 Applicability—Notice

All offenses described in Chapter 8.08 Offenses relating to health of Title 8 Health and Safety shall be deemed public nuisances. If any person violates or fails to comply with the provisions of said Chapter 8.08, the Town manager may serve personally or by certified mail a written notice upon the owner or agent in charge of a property, ordering said owner or agent to take action to abate the public nuisance within a stated time after receipt of the notice. Said notice shall contain a statement that said owner or agent shall have the right to appeal said order to the municipal court within ten (10) days of the receipt of said notice, which court may uphold, modify, or void said order.

4.08.020 Abatement costs--Assessment--Collection

If the nuisance is not abated within the stated time, or the owner fails to appeal said order to the municipal court within the stated time, or the court in case of appeal upholds or modifies said order, the Town manager may proceed to abate the nuisance, as ordered, upheld, or modified, and assess the whole cost thereof, plus ten percent (10%) for inspection and administration, upon the property. The Town manager shall notify in writing the owner or agent of such property of such assessment, and the assessment shall be a lien until paid. If any such assessment is not paid within thirty (30) days from the receipt of said notice, the Town manager, in accordance with Section 31-20-105 C.R.S., shall certify such assessment to the treasurer of the County, plus interest at an annual rate of six percent (6%) from the date of the notice of such assessment, and such assessment plus the interest thereon shall be placed upon the tax list for the current or next tax year and shall be collected in the same manner as other taxes are collected, with a ten percent (10%) penalty attached to defray the costs of collection.