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Definitions - 6.01

6.01.010 Definitions

The words used in Title 6 Animals shall be construed as set out in this Chapter, unless otherwise required by the context.

6.01.020 Animal

“Animal” includes all animals, other than homo sapiens, both domesticated and undomesticated. Animal shall include both the male and female, whether or not neutered or sterilized.

  1. “Dog” includes any animal of canine species regardless of sex.
  2. “Cat” includes any animal of feline species regardless of sex.
6.01.030 Animal Shelter

“Animal shelter” means a building designated by the Town for the purpose of boarding and caring for impounded animals.

6.01.040 Bodily injury

“Bodily injury” means an injury caused by animal bite, scratch or attack whereby, at a minimum, the skin is broken, exterior bleeding occurs or bruised conditions arise as a direct result of the bite, scratch or attack.

6.01.050 Certificate

“Certificate” means a statement by a licensed veterinarian specifically describing the animal.

6.01.060 Code enforcement officer

“Code enforcement officer” means any person or persons employed by the Town and assigned by the chief of police as the person responsible for enforcement of the provisions of this title.

6.10.070 Feral cat

“Feral cat” means any animal of feline species regardless of sex that is not domesticated and is vicious and cannot be handled by the code enforcement officer or shelter personnel without substantial risk of bodily injury.

6.10.080 Owner or animal owner

“Owner” or “animal owner” includes any persons, firm, association, or corporation owning, keeping, possessing or harboring an animal or who allows any animal to remain or be kept on or about his premises for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more.

6.01.090 Premises

“Premises” means real property owned, rented, leased, used, kept or occupied by the animal owner.

6.01.100 Rabies vaccination

“Rabies vaccination” means the inoculation of a dog, cat, or other animal with a rabies vaccine approved by the State Department of Health.

6.01.110 Running at large

“Running at large,” means being off the premises of the owner, and not under the immediate control of such owner, his agent or a member of his immediate family by a leash, cord or chain not exceeding a length of eight feet.

6.01.120 Vicious animal

“Vicious animal” means any animal that inflicts unprovoked bites, scratches or other injuries upon or attacks human beings or other animals or, in a vicious or terrorizing manner, approaches any person in apparent attitude of attack upon any public or private grounds or places.

6.01.130 Guard dog

“Guard dog” means any dog placed in an enclosure for the protection of person/s or property by attacking or threatening to attack any person/s found within the enclosure patrolled by such dog.

6.01.140 Abandoned animals

“Abandoned animals” means to abandon is to desert, relinquish or give up any animal with the intent of never reclaiming, redeeming, or resuming ones rights or interest in the animal.