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Mayor - 2.04

2.04.010 Duties generally

The Mayor shall perform such duties as may be required of him by the State statutes and this Code. He shall serve as the chief official of the Town for ceremonial purposes. He shall execute and authenticate by his signature such instruments as the board of trustees or any State statutes and this Code may require. He shall have only such other powers and duties as the board of trustees may confer upon him.

2.04.020 Presiding officer—Voting

The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Trustees and shall have the same voting powers as any member of the board. The Mayor shall be considered a member of the board of trustees and shall be counted for purposes of determining a quorum and for the requisite majority on any matter voted on by the board.

2.04.030 Mayor pro tem--Acting mayor

At its first meeting following each biennial election, the board shall choose one of the trustees as Mayor Pro Tem who in the absence of the Mayor from any meeting of the board or during the mayor’s absence from the Town, or his inability to act, shall perform the duties of mayor. In the event of absence or disability of the Mayor Pro Tem, the board may designate another of its members to serve as acting mayor during such absence or disability.

2.04.040 Term of office--Vacancy--Compensation

The Mayor shall be elected for a two-year term of office at each biennial election. Should the office of mayor become vacant during his term of office for any reason, including becoming a non-resident of the Town, the board of trustees pursuant to State statutes may select and appoint from among its members a mayor or shall hold a special election for mayor who shall hold office until the next biennial Town election. The Mayor shall receive one hundred fifty dollars ($150) per month.