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Optional Premises-Standards - 9.20

9.20.010 Definitions

Optional premises means the premises specified in an application for a hotel and restaurant license with related outdoor sports and recreational facilities for the convenience of its guests or the general public located on or adjacent to the hotel or restaurant within which such licensee is authorized to sell or serve alcoholic beverages or the premises specified in an application for an optional premises license located on an applicant’s outdoor sport or recreational facility. Outdoor sports and recreational facility means a facility which charges a fee for the use of such facility.

9.20.020 Standards adopted

The standards adopted herein and the procedures therefore shall be considered in addition to all other standards and procedures applicable to the issuance of licenses under the State Liquor Code for optional premises licenses or for optional premises for a hotel and restaurant license. These two types of licenses for optional premises will be collectively referred to as “optional premises” in these standards unless otherwise provided.

9.20.030 Eligible facilities

An optional premises may only be approved when that premises is located on or adjacent to an outdoor sports and recreational facility. The types of outdoor sports and recreational facilities which may be considered for an outdoor premises license shall be country clubs and golf courses.

9.20.040 Minimum size of facility

The Town council may consider the size of the particular outdoor sports or recreational facility in relationship to the number of optional premises requested for the facility and may deny an optional premises application if it finds the related facility to be too small to justify an optional premises.

9.20.050 Number of optional premises

The Town council may restrict the number of optional premises which any one (1) licensee may have. Any licensee requesting approval of more than one (1) optional premises shall explain the reason for each optional premises requested, demonstrate how the optional premises relate to each other from an operational viewpoint, show the need for each optional premises in relationship to the outdoor sports and recreational facility and its guests, and demonstrate that the optional premises will not adversely affect the neighborhood in which it is located.

9.20.060 Submittal Requirements

Along with the application for a optional premises license the applicant shall submit local and state application fees in the amount as established by the State, a map or other drawing showing the outdoor sports or recreational facility boundaries and the approximate location and area of each optional premises requested, a description of the provisions made for the secure storage of vinous and spirituous liquors on or off the optional premises for future use in the optional premises, and a description of the methods, such as fencing, signs, notices, or barriers, to be used to identify and control the optional premises when in use.