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Diseased or Infected Animals - 6.11

6.11.010 Impounding

Any diseased animal caught running at large shall be immediately impounded separate and apart from all other animals. No such animal shall be released until the impounding fees required by Chapter 6.05 Impounding of Title 6 Animals have been paid and until presentation to the code enforcement officer of a certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian showing the animal to be in good health and free from such disease. Any medical care or treatment, which is provided to such animal, shall be at the cost of the owner and any such cost shall be paid prior to the release of the animal.

6.11.020 Unclaimed impounded animal

Any unclaimed animal impounded under the provisions of this Chapter and that the code enforcement officer has reason to believe is more likely than not suffering from an incurable disease or a disease contagious to other animals which would cause inhumane suffering to any animal so infected shall be destroyed.

6.11.030 Stray diseased or Infected animal

When an animal whose owner is unknown is diseased, infected, or injured, the code enforcement officer may seek proper veterinary medical care or treatment for the animal. If in the sole judgment of the code enforcement officer, the animal is diseased, infected or injured to the extent that further aggravation of its condition would result from transportation or from impoundment, the officer may euthanize the animal in a humane manner to prevent further suffering by the animal. If the owner is determined, the owner shall be responsible for the appropriate euthanasia fee as described in section 6.06.010 Disposition of owned animals of Chapter 6.06 Disposition of Owned Animals and Feral Cats of Title 6 Animals together with any impoundment fees, veterinarian, and any other appropriate costs as described in any of the Chapters of said Title.