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Kennels - 6.20

6.20.010 Requirements

No person or entity shall own, keep or harbor more than three (3) dogs of more than three (3) months of age or more than one (1) litter of pups, or more than three (3) cats of three (3) months of age, or more than one (1) litter of kittens, or more than a total of three (3) dogs and three (3) cats, more than (3) three months of age in any combination or engage in the commercial business of breeding, buying, selling, trading, training, or boarding dogs or cats or other animals without having obtained a valid kennel license from the Town.

6.20.020 License

Kennel licenses shall be obtained from the Town manager. No kennel license shall be issued until an inspection certificate has been issued by the code enforcement officer. The license shall specify the maximum number of animals permitted to be kept, handled, or exhibited by the licensee. It shall be unlawful for the licensee to keep, handle, or exhibit any number of animals in excess of the maximum specified on the license. All applicants for a kennel license within the Town, if required by state statute, shall also be licensed by the State Department of Health and shall have a valid license issued by the state prior to being applicable to receive a license issued by the Town.

6.20.030 Expiration

Kennel licenses shall expire on December 31st of each year and the licenses shall be renewed before their expiration.

6.20.040 License fee

The yearly license fee for kennels shall be established by resolution of the town council.

6.20.050 Revocation or suspension of license

The Town manager may revoke or suspend the license of any kennel which is in violation of any zoning law, health law, or any applicable provision of this Code, County resolution, or State statute or is operating in such a manner as to be a nuisance.

6.20.060 Exemptions

This Chapter shall not apply to and will not be construed to require a kennel license for:

  1. A veterinary hospital operated by a licensed veterinarian;
  2. A zoological park;
  3. Any research institution;
  4. Any publicly owned animal shelter.